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page 83 CANADA
13th page
Aug 7, 2000:
Mike McCallum, Bill McCallum, York, Ontario, Giardia Lamblia, Coy died, lethargy, heart palpitations, sinus congestion, extreme fatigue
page 84 CANADA
14th page
May 10, 2001:
Larina Ropman, Ottawa Citizen, Clarendon, Tom Fahey, Outaouais Health Department, Chris Judd, Pontiac Region, Jim Poushinsky, Ottawa Citizens Against Pollution by Sewage, Dr. Carol Legare, biosolid industry, human waste
page 85 CANADA
15th page
May 8, 2001
Maureen Reilly, Amanda Pfeffer, Carol Legare, paper sludge, Leon Martin, Clarendon, Maureen Riley, Walerton, Luc Lapointe
page 86 CANADA
16th page
June 1, 2001
CIDS, SCMI, Canadian Infectious Disease Society, posigion on spreading sewage sludge on agricultural lands, E. coli, Cryptosporium parvum, Ottawa, Richard McCoy, Dr. Mark Miller
page 87 CANADA
17th page
July 11, 2001
Toronto Star, Thane Burnett, Oakville, Allan and Laurie Eagles, Halton municipal sewage sludge and biosolid station, Azurix North America (Canada) Corp.,
page 88 CANADA
18th page
July 11, 2001
lagoon, stink, odour, Eagles, Toronto, quality of life and health, Azurix
page 89 CANADA
19th page
July, 2001
Laurie and Allan Eagles, Oakville, Ontario, Toronto, Crohn's disease, E. coli, vertigo, diarrhea, Clostridium difficile cytotoxin, Helane Shields
page 90 FLORIDA
1st page
June 1, 1996
Miami Herald, Joseph Tanfani, Papaya grower, Bill Parker, Dade sewage sludge, Daorganite, Freeport, Bahama, Sir Jack Hayward, Milorganite, fertilizer
page 91 FLORIDA
2nd page
June 1, 1996
Parker, Milwaukee sludge, University of Florida, Brown Bear, suit against Dade, Lenore Nesbitt, Francis Sexton, Ervin Gonzalez, Roger Welcher, George Fitzpatrick, Bahama papayas
page 92 FLORIDA
3rd page
June 1, 1996
dead papayas, Alan Rubin, EPA, Richard Hoffman, Dade, Anthony Clemente, Florida Organics, Doug Ulmer, Bahama
page 93 FLORIDA
4th page
July 27, 1996
EPA turmoil, Jeff Nesmith, sludge, David Lewis, Nature,
page 94 FLORIDA
5th page
July 27, 1996
Bernard Daniel, WEF, Stuart Cohen, William Reilly, Bernard D. Goldstein

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